Learn Chinese Mandarin At Happy Summer, Do Business With Chinese

Tai ChiHello from Wall Street Chinese,

It is FINALLY summer, what a fun time! Do you have travel plans?

Also, if you or your family, friends or kids want to do some different fun things, like learning Mandarin, calligraphy, Tai Chi or Feng Shui, please check our website for details: www.wallstreetchinese.net, You can also contact us atinfo@WallStreetChinese.net to inquiry about our Chinese language translation/consulting services, especially for business people.

Through our innovative Eastern cultural programs based on Tao, Confucius, Yi Jing, Feng Shui etc, we want to bring you scientific analysis, inspirational information and confidence in your work and life.

Summer is also the best time for your kids to learn Mandarin, especially teenagers, home tutoring is a service we provide and hope your children are learning something useful in this summer time.



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