Wall Street Chinese were reported by various media since 2009. Below are some of our TV reports you may watch:

A special TV reported of  Wall Street Chinese’s founder – Helen Liu May/2009

Wall Street Chinese team taught a 6 year old girl mandarin in 60 days by working with Conde Nast.

Helen Liu taught and coached Fedrik Eklund at famous TV serious “Million Dollar Listing” April/2015

Cultural TV program: Chinese tea with master Chen Bowen of  Wall Street Chinese January/2013

TV show: Chinese calligraphy with Guan Zhiyuan of  Wall Street Chinese August/2012

Special TV report of Tao Study group of Wall Street Chinese April/2009 


Meetup chose WSC’s meetup group -Tea, Tao and Art as the only featured Chinese culture group in their 2011 NYC subway ad campaign.

TV reports includes Wall Street Chinese ‘s calligraphy class and Tao lecture in  “Eastern soft power special report”  September/2011

Wall Street Chinese was reported in special edition “Chinese soft power”

NYC travel program including Wall Street Chinese’s Chinese game event and interview of WSC students July/2011

Wall Street Chinese was included in Asian American Life on April 1, 2016

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