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About Wall Street ChineseChinese for Children program

Wall Street Chinese was founded in early 2009  to introduce Chinese and business communication training to Wall Street professionals. From fall of 2012, we started “Chinese for children” program to explore teaching Chinese/Mandarin and Chinese culture, art and health programs to English native speaking children in New York City area. After 3 years of teaching at schools, we not only gain first hand experience teaching American Children mandarin but also achieve a good reputation of exploring new and creative teaching methods in combining Chinese language, art, culture and health programs together in order to enhance the communication between the understanding of the Eastern world.  We are very proud to have chance to provide creative and professional Chinese language and culture programs to children at different age with our signature programs such as fun mandarin, Chinese calligraphy, Kung Fu and Tai Chi etc.  We are a unique organization which emphasis on teaching the Eastern language and culture to schools with fun, creative and effective programs.

What is Chinese On Demand?

Chinese on demand  program is designed for pre-schools, kindergartens, elementary and middle or high schools, community/organizations’ regular,  after school program and summer camps. With the rapid growth for learning Chinese language and culture,  Wall Street Chinese started a  new program “Chinese on demand” from Fall/2013.  Base on our professional curriculum and three year of teaching experience,   we introduce our unique and successful programs, such as “Early mandarin“,  “Fun Mandarin”, “Happy Mandarin”, “Rainbow workshop“, “Chinese story time” etc to enhance some schools’ after School and second language program. Other than regular Chinese program, we also implement Chinese cultural, art and health workshops to the Chinese language programs to enhance the students’ interest in learning of the Eastern culture. We are happy to service any schools and organizations with our classroom and on line Chinese programs.


All of our Chinese language teachers are native Chinese speakers with education/Billingual/Teaching Chinese as 2nd language major. They are specialized  in early childhood, elementary school, Middle and High School and university groups. They also went through our special teacher’s training program before being sent out for teaching assignments at different schools.  Our art, culture and health teachers are experts in their field with passion and expertise.


“Working with Wall Street Chinese has been a pleasure. Helen Liu has provided us with two good Mandarin teachers who have given our middle school students an excellent foundation for learning the language. In addition, Wall Street provided regular cultural sessions which enriched our students’ connections to Chinese art, music, calligraphy, history, games and martial arts. Helen has personally visited the class several times and has gone out of her way in order that Mandarin language and culture come alive for our students. I highly recommend Wall Street Chinese!” – By Susan Harris, After school coordinator of Manhattan Country school


Early Mandarin 

Mandarin poems & songs is designed for children aged 2-3 years old to learn mandarin in a fun and natural way. Chinese music instruments playing, beautiful ancient classic Chinese poems reciting, classic Chinese songs singing are implemented into this class. The length of this class is 1 hour each week. The objective of this class is to plant a “mandarin seeds” into the little mind from a early age through music and beautiful rhythm of mandarin. The length of this class is 1 hour per week.

Fun Mandarin 

Fun Mandarin program at Wall Street Chinese teaches 3 to 5 years old children Mandarin through various kinds of activities and games. Children should be able to able to gain basic Chinese language knowledge and skills naturally through interactions with teachers and peers. This class focuses on developing children’s interests in learning Chinese language systematically in the future,  but also learn Eastern culture and develop their social skills.

Happy Chinese

Happy Chinese program is designed for children around 5-11 years old who have studied Chinese before. This program further strengthens children’s language skills by letting them practice reading Chinese ancient poems, telling short stories, and singing Chinese songs. One class is composed of a 45 minute learning section plus a 45 minute practice section. Children will be able to learn Chinese and meanwhile have fun with their peers.

Chinese for Pre-Teens(Middle School Students)

This class is design for students between 10-13 years old, who are attending in middle school. This is one of the beset age to learn Chinese writing and grammar with chance of speaking perfect Chinese. Students can learn Chinese very efficiently.

Chinese for Teens (High School Students)

This class is design for students between 13-18 years old, who are attending in middle and high schools. Although teenagers start to lost their ability to learn a second language starting from 13 year old, but their awareness to know the importance of learning a foreign Chinese should motivate them with the language learning process. So in short, motivation and cultural learning plays a big role in this age group and we do utilized it greatly. Other than helping students with SAT Chinese testing, we also implement the idea of learning Chinese language as a business communication tool in the future.

Chinese/Spanish Dual 

This is an after school program designed for students from 5- 12 years old who wish to learn in a natural way through conversation, activities and games, the two most popular second languages – Mandarin and Spanish- in the world.  Children will be introduced to the language, conversation and culture of these countries, China and Spain, in a simultaneous way.This program is theme-basis program with a Chinese and a Spanish teacher teaching every week the same content in both languages –except for cultural backgrounds.The topics will include basic knowledge of the language as  numbers, colors, food, the house, school, family, animals, Itinerary, sports, directions etc and an end of class learning about culture of each country through songs, games and crafts.The purpose of this course is to encourage students to relate two different languages together and learn them simultaneously, enhancing the interest of learning foreign languages, gain a base to communicate through Spanish and Chinese and learn about the culture of other countries, contributing in this way to open their minds and empathy towards the world.

Rainbow (Chinese Cartoon) 

Learn Chinese through watching Chinese cartoon movies. We train children’s language ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing. This program is designed for children age 4 and above with 1-2 years of Chinese learning background. To check curriculum, please check our “Fall semester”.

Chinese story time/Magical of Chinese characters

Reading Chinese stories to students in a group, emphasis on understanding the story, new vocabulary and retell the stories, as well as analysis and their ability to make right decision with wisdom. Introducing Chinese calligraphy to learn Chinese Chinese character with artistic sense and imagination and observation ability.

Chinese cultural workshops for children  – Window to the East 

Learning a second language successfully is about learning the culture. Chinese culture has 5,000 years of history with beauty and wisdom. Teaching children Eastern art, culture, philosophy and health to become more globalized,  balanced and open minded! Fun while learning about the Eastern Culture. Through games, musical instruments, cooking, calligraphy and more, the children will experience and gain an understanding of the Eastern culture and language. Classes will consist of learning Chinese Chess, Qigong, playing authentic Chinese instruments and ending with Chinese tea and dumpling making.

Learn Chinese characters through calligraphy 

Chinese Calligraphy is a type of visual art related to writing. It is the design and execution of lettering with a broad tip instrument or brush in one stroke. The workshop of Chinese Calligraphy is a significant way to help children understand the meaning and feature of Chinese character. It is an efficient and effective way for children to train the writing structure and stroke of the Chinese character. Additionally, Chinese Calligraphy concentrates on the mental cultivation and improvement of patience. The students can use calligraphy to relax and maintain mental stillness. Chinese ink painting is emphasis on lines and use of ink with different amount of water. It is also is a typical Chinese painting which is a symbol of elegance. During the painting, as the students uses different the status of ink including thick ink, light ink, dry ink, wet ink to create his painting, the children learn to concentration on one thing.

Chinese Songs, Music and Instruments

Chinese music has various forms and instruments for thousands of years. It is a significant way for children to learn about the story, spirit and aesthetics behind Chinese music. Listen to the ancient Chinese music bring relaxation, beauty and virtue to life. WSC offers typically traditional Chinese instruments including Er Hu and Pi Pa for children when they have classes. Tablature, Aesthetics, Music Scale and Notation are the four standards of mastering Chinese instrument playing.

Chinese Qi Gong, Kung Fu and Tai Chi

Qi-Gong is a practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation. Children can benefit from Qi-Gong , as the practice of Qi-Gong involves rhythmic breathing coordinated with slow stylized repetition of fluid movement, a calm mindful state, and visualization of guiding qi through the body. Kung Fu is martial art. Kung refers to “work” or “achievement” and Fu means “intensity”. It emphasizes the beauty of body stretch and it aims in improving health and cultivating mind. The ultimate goal is reaching to a status that both wisdom and emotions of a person are in harmony with each other. Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits. It is not a severe training, but a slow and deliberate active. It helps children to cultivate a smooth mind and s spiritual concentration.

Chinese games: Chinese Chess, Mahjoing and Chinese GO

Chinese Chess, also known as Xiang-Qi, is a strategy board game for two players. It has a profound relationship with traditional Chinese virtues including loyalty, wisdom, Filial piety and so on. On the one hand, it encourages children to think. On the other hand, it potentially teach children the Chinese traditional culture in playing. Mahjong is a typical reflection of Chinese culture. Learning Mahjong can help children to understand Chinese culture in a more leisure way. It is complicated but interesting. There are various compositions in Mahjong and children can feel a variety of Chinese culture and to recognize Chinese character in a more entertaining way.

Chinese GO is noted for being rich in strategy despite its relatively simple rules.

It often takes a long time to play with and it is full of brainstorm. It trains children’s mind effectively and help them establish concentration.

Chinese Tea Performance with Dumpling Making

Tea is a spiritual experience in China, therefore learning “Cha Tao” is a healthy, inspirational and cultural journey. Children learn not only tea making equipment, how to make tea, present tea, together with poem reciting and song singing while drinking Dumpling making is a custom from the north of China. It is a family food to make which requires coordination and communication. Through skin making, filling making and dumpling wrapping, children learn how to work with other fellows.

Fun Feng Shui for Kids

Planting seeds of Harmony to the children, this workshop introduce Eastern traditions into the Western world. Including. The concept of Yin and Yang, introduce Feng Shui; The Concept of the Five elements using colors, sounds and shapes; The concept of the Ba-Gua  and Qi Energy.

Sports in Chinese (Tennis, Yoga)

It is the most easier and natural way to learn language through sports. Children can learn Mandarin by playing tennis. Our Yoga in Chinese by certified Mandarin teachers.

Art drawings in Chinese 

Learn art with Chinese artists


Academy of St. Joseph (Chinese after school, fall/2013 & Spring/2014)

Blue School, NY, NY (Chinese after school, from Fall/2013 and ongoing)

Buckle my shoes, NY, NY (Mandarin for pre-schools, demo teaching, Spring/2013)

Green school, Brooklyn, NY(Chinese music & music instrument workshop, Feb/2011)

Ecole International de New York, NY, NY (Chinese program, demo teaching Spring/2013)

Ethical Culture Fieldston School, NY, NY (Chinese after school, from fall/2014)

Heschel (Chinese after school, from fall/2013)

People’s Elementary School of Brooklyn (Chinese after school, demo teaching summer/2013)

Protocal Academy, NH ( Chinese calligraphy workshop, 05/2012)

Solomon Schechter, NY, NY (Chinese after school, Fall/2013)

World Class Learning Academy, NY, NY  (After-school Chinese/mandarin,fall/2013)

Columbia Grammar Preparatory School, Manhattan, NY (Chinese after school, Fall/2014)

Charles Churn Christian Academy, Brooklyn, NY (Chinese after school, Fall/2014)

Bank Street School for Children, Manhattan, NY (Chinese culture workshops, Fall/2014)

Hewitt School, Manhattan, NY (Chinese culture workshops, Spring/2015)

Ascension School (Chinese, Fall/2015)

St Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s School (Chinese after school, Fall/2015)

Charles Churn Christian Academy (Chinese, from Fall/2014 and ongoing)

Town School  (Chinese calligraphy workshops, Spring/2015)

The New York Public library  (Chinese calligraphy workshops for teens, Fall/2015)


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