Chinese for Children

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Wall Street Chinese use proven fun and creative methods to efficiently teach Chinese to children of all levels. Our variety of programs include home tutoring, school classrooms, after-school classes both online and face-to-face.

Tutoring – Home or Our Classroom

We offer individual home tutoring or classroom space for children either in one-on-one or small groups. Each session is filled with fun-packed and proven methods designed to efficiently teach children of all ages and levels.


Learning Chinese in China – Our Abroad Immersion Program

Come experience a unique language and cultural exposure with our Learning Chinese in China program! Children enjoy a round-trip, two to four weeks journey in Beijing where they attend a boarding school that’s designed to maximize relevance of using Chinese in a Chinese environment! This all-inclusive package includes round-trip airfare, room and board and fun classes that include language learning, tours, arts and crafts. Parents are welcome to attend!

Mandarin Testing

Need to find out the Chinese speaking of level of your children? Take our online Mandarin assessment test where parents can get accurate results of children’s listening and speaking fluency.

Children Tutoring:
Home Tutoring
$60 per hour plus $10 transportation per time, 10 times minimum
Private Tutoring at Wall Street Chinese locations (above 10 yrs old)
$60 per hour, 10 times (1 hour each time) package:$550 ($55 per hour), 15 times(1 hour each time)$750 ($50 per hour)

Children Group 1.5 hours weekly program: Regular $35/hour, semester packages: 15 times$650 ($29 per hour),20 times:$850 ($28 per hour)

Chinese immersion group (5-16 years old)
2 hours weekday program, $30 per hour, 15 times package:$850 ($28 per hour)
20 times package:$1,050 ($26 per hour)

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