Chinese for Children

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Wall Street Chinese experiment, develop and explore new, fun and efficient teaching methods on teaching Chinese language to American children. We gained first hand experience and good
reputation of exploring creative teaching methods over the last five years. Other than home tutoring, after school and school day time mandarin programs, we also have special programs such as “Mandarin Testing” and “Learn Chinese in China” programs, the first one is to measure your children’s mandarin level, the later one is to help English speaking children to practice mandarin in China or with Chinese children at their age on line. We are building partnerships with schools, if you are interested, please contact us.

Mandarin Tutoring

Location: Wall Street Student’s home On line
We provide customized Chinese tutoring for children according to individual needs. Our program is flexible and authentic. Native Chinese tutors focus on building a solid foundation in Chinese and improve Chinese reading and writing efficiently.
Location: Wall Street Student’s home On line

Learn Chinese in China – Real Mandarin immersion program

One common barrier in language learning is the lack of an environment to practice speaking, to be with local people and experience culture. We have Chinese partner schools and America partner schools for which we take the responsibility of designing curriculum and coordinating the program.

Mandarin testing

If your child has been learning Mandarin for some time, do you
want to know her/his level?
Contact us for testing.

Children Tutoring:
Home Tutoring
$60 per hour plus $10 transportation per time, 10 times minimum
Private Tutoring at Wall Street Chinese locations (above 10 yrs old)
$60 per hour, 10 times (1 hour each time) package:$550 ($55 per hour), 15 times(1 hour each time)$750 ($50 per hour)

Children Group 1.5 hours weekly program: Regular $35/hour, semester packages: 15 times$650 ($29 per hour),20 times:$850 ($28 per hour)

Chinese immersion group (5-16 years old)
2 hours weekday program, $30 per hour, 15 times package:$850 ($28 per hour)
20 times package:$1,050 ($26 per hour)

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