Chinese for Children

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About  Chinese for Children program – Learning Chinese is EASY when starts young!

“Chinese for children” program was started in 2012. The purpose  is to experiment, develop and explore new teaching methods on teaching Chinese language to American children.  We gained  first hand experience and good reputation of  exploring new and creative teaching methods. Fun Mandarin, Happy Chinese, Summer Intensive as well as one new experimental programs like Rainbow workshop, Chinese story time, The Magic of Chinese characters are good examples for such spirit.

Why Chinese?

From as early as 2 years old, children develop their language ability rapidly. To catch that window of opportunity to introduce Chinese to Children as second language in the right way is especially important. We developed a series of techniques to teach children from 2 to 15 years old at home or at our training centers for 1 on 1 or group classes. Our professional trained teachers utilize the children’s interest for learning Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing through a professionally written set of textbooks with serious learning time, implementing Chinese stories, poems, games, music and arts etc into the classroom according to their age and focusing time. Every class we use different themes in our teaching to help our student develop systematic knowledge around the theme of the day. We also help our children student to apply the Chinese they learn in other subjects, in the real world and daily life right away.

We also found out that to combine Chinese cultural, art and health information into Chinese language is very efficient way of teaching Chinese in America. We use Calligraphy, Ink painting, Tai Chi, Qi-gong, martial arts, field trips as well as Chinese cultural knowledge to enhance the children’s belief that learning Chinese is useful for the future and it is fun! We also develop innovative ways to encourage children to learn Chinese language according to their interest, such as math, geography or history etc in Chinese.

Your children can learn Chinese with us all year around with us. Spring, Summer and Fall.


Chinese on Demand  is a program we focus on providing Chinese language, cultural, art and health programs to schools. We combine mandarin with Eastern culture together to form a unique workshop  – Window to the East, Feng Shui for kids,  Chinese calligraphy & ink painting, Qi Qong, Kung Fun, Chinese chess are introduced to children at young age, children can learn Chinese language through interesting culture and gain wisdom from it.

Chinese Tutoring for Children  is a program to provide 1-1 tutoring to children 3 years or above to learn Chinese at Wall Street Chinese’s TriBeCa and Chinatown location or at your home. The teachers are education major native Chinese teachers to focus on building a solid foundation in Chinese and improve Chinese reading and writing efficiently.

Mandarin drop in  is supplement program to continue providing Chinese learning environment to all our students on weekend mornings from 10am-12pm at Chinatown or during the summer time. The students can learn Chinese, do homework, listen to Chinese stories, play Chinese games and practice mandarin with fellow students.

Children Tutoring:
Home Tutoring
$60 per hour plus $10 transportation per time, 10 times minimum
Private Tutoring at Wall Street Chinese locations (above 10 yrs old)
$60 per hour, 10 times (1 hour each time) package:$550 ($55 per hour), 15 times(1 hour each time)$750 ($50 per hour)

Children Group 1.5 hours weekly program: Regular $35/hour, semester packages: 15 times$650 ($29 per hour),20 times:$850 ($28 per hour)

Chinese immersion group (5-16 years old)
2 hours weekday program, $30 per hour, 15 times package:$850 ($28 per hour)
20 times package:$1,050 ($26 per hour)

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