Everyone desires health and happiness. Real happiness and health are exhilarating – free of stress with ultimate freedom. Health does not only relate to your body, but also to your mind and spirit. When you achieve health in these three dimensions, you will achieve wisdom and then happiness.

Traditional Chinese medicine has over 2000 years of history.  Herbal tea, acupuncture, and massage have become popular alternative medicine in the US. Eastern exercises like Yoga,  Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong,and meditation are also proven to be the best exercise to achieve not only physical health but also mental strength.

Wall Street Chinese collaborates with health experts in different areas to offer online workshops, health consulting, health seminars, discussion panels, weekly outdoor practice, and treatment to everyone who desires to achieve real happiness and health.

Please watch our new weekly video program “Health talk” here: Wall Street Chines – health talk-Introduction

Wall Street Chinese’s “Health community” is a professional team with many experienced and passionate health professionals.Our goal is to provide health education and service to everyone who believes in a happy and healthy life by giving and sharing health tips and spirit!

Please check our Health consultant’s profile, If you are looking for their area of services, we are more than happy to give you reference to the best exercise, acupuncture, message service you deserve.

Below are the health related workshops we can provide.

Tea class

Historically, tea is a spiritual experience in China, so learning “Cha Tao” is a healthy, inspirational, and cultural journey. The instructor will demonstrate how to use tea to purify your soul and learn to practice Tao. The Best tea making technique and the best tea from different part of China will be shared in this class. You will also have the unique opportunity and experience of trying Chinese calligraphy, handcraft making and Chinese ink painting during the class. Video art, Tao music and the instructor’s art creation experience relating to Tao will also be demonstrated for the class. Chinese tea performance is elegant and beautiful and is often combined with our tea lecture.

Tao and Health

The 3,000 years old Yijing is, with the hebrew Bible, the world’s oldest book in continuous use. This program will demonstrate how the ancient Chinese sages, including Confucius, used the classic. This presentation will explain the way to make life decisions in harmony with Tao (the ultimate principal of the Universe). Living in accord with the Tao results in a less stressed and healthier life. This presentation will explain the nature of this fascinating classic, how it is used, and then provide divinations for members of the audience.

Tao believes that “Qi” is everywhere. Our body is just like a universe, it has many points just like river, mountain etc in the world. As human beings, we need to learn, understand, and use “Qi” to reach the ultimate flow from our birth to death. “Yang” represents day, brightness and positive and it means “up and left”, Yin is night, dark, and negative and means “down and right”. Emptiness is the highest state of “Tao”. The objective of learning “Qi, Yin Yang” is to reach the state of balance with peacefulness and to become a “true person”. 

New Tang Dynasty (NTD) did a special reported on master Chen Bowen’s “Kung Fu” Tea and WSC


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