Eastern Wellness

Wall Street Chinese has been providing Eastern energy, wellness and healing workshops throughout the 200 branches of New York City Library system since 2014. Chinese classic energy works like Qigong, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation as well as yoga, sound healing, Art therapy are introduced to the teenager program and become the best soft exercise to help teens to achieve not only health but also for mental strength and balance.

Today we need mental support more than anything else due to stress from social media. Energy wellness approach is holistic which support individual’s entire being on every level – physical, mental and spiritual.

The goal of our energy program is to bring meaningful change into people’s lives. From enhanced learning and focus, through a mindful presence in their lives, done in a safe, and supportive and encouraging space through workshops and retreats. With this approach, old constricting habits and behaviors come to light and are resolved, while new healthy patterns are formed.

Energy 1 one 1 coaching, workshops, group classes and retreats are offered to corporations, organization, schools and communities.

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Our signature workshops

  • Eastern energy workshop for children/teens
  • Eastern energy wellness for professionals/executives
  • Eastern wellness training retreats


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