Helen Hanying Liu is a Business Chinese communication expert, Chinese contemporary art curator, Eastern energy coach and cultural event organizer. She possessed the vision, passion and creativity to found Wall Street Chinese in 2009 after working and traveling the world intensively for over 10 years. She predicted that with the huge growth of the Chinese market, the West would desire to get acquainted more with China. Today China is participating in the global economy and desires to truly understand the West. This makes Wall Street Chinese a connector of the two cultures.

Ms Liu has taught Mandarin and Chinese business culture hundreds of students in different ages and professions and even some celebrities, such as “Million Dollar Listing” star Fredrik Eklund (shown in picture). She has assisted Chinese movie making in the U.S. and also has translated for international sports events such as Formula E. Through the REC Foundation, she has helped to organize art exhibitions and cultural exchange projects. She also does business translating and consulting work.


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Ms Liu and his student Fredrik Eklund