Chinese Ink Art

We provides a single, coordinated response to our clients’ requirements for Chinese arts including calligraphy/ink painting/antiques and contemporary art works. We match complimentary forms of arts to diverse functions and includes recognition of lifestyle integration. We provide personalized, tailored services art decoration services in order to create a seamless integration of art and the environment. We focus on Ink, calligraphy and Ink painting.

 Art Space Design

Art Space Design is a new innovative interior/exterior architectural concept that carries creative decorative art into every corner of your corporate space. Art Space Design delivers tailor-made artworks for commercial, corporate, residential, hotel and clubs spaces to highlight the client’s environment with a unique artistic atmosphere through the talents of our experienced, eclectic team of influential fine artists and designers.

Demand for Chinese contemporary art has been increased dramatically, Chinese ink presents a very unique art form. We offer art consulting services to meet the needs of both institutional and individual collectors of fine contemporary Chinese artworks especially Ink Art.


Wall Street Chinese can also provide Art collection, Art curation, art workshops and Art events, Customized Calligraphy art and Chinese Ink Art merchandise.