Wall Street Chinese is a creative, educational and innovative communication and culture training company which was founded in 2009 at Wall Street area. We aim to bridge the East and West, to encourage communication and interaction. We specialized in cultural Training because not only time is money, understanding the culture difference is also money! We provide cultural training as well as other  customized business training programs for corporations, small business and  ESL, undergraduate, graduate and MBA programs students in college and universities. We can provide research, training and consulting for companies doing or trying to do business with China.

China Business Workshop

China Business Workshop

Below are our signature training programs.

  • Chinese language and cultural training to professionals
  • Chinese Business culture training 
  •  Mandarin for sales staffs
  • Business Feng Shui 
  • Living Art of Tao 
  • Tao & leadership
  • Art of War & business strategy 
  • Confucius & management 
  • Chinese health : Qigong & Acupressure 
  • English communication and cross cultural training 
  • Culture 101 New York city


Training with Starwood by senior trainer: John Mckean


“Perfect and unique presentation about Chinese business culture” – Suzanna Soleimani, Human Resource Dept of  Standard Bank, New York branch

“To understand Feng Shui is so useful and important for real estate agents, thank you! we hope to learn more from Dr Li” –  students at New York Real Estate institute

“It was not just a language workshop,but combined with cultural understanding and business career aspect so  I could really enjoy the entire time. The trainers prepared more than enough to provide us useful information and their valuable experiences. I could directly apply what I learned to my career path to make my future better as an artist. Everything is going well so far. Thank you so much! – June Korea, graduate student at School of

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