Summer is The Best Time to Learn Mandarin – Immersion program for Children, Pre-teens and Teens

Summer is an excellent opportunity for children to learn second language intensively.  As we all know, learning a second language needs Intensive and immersion environment. Wall Street Chinese provides such an creative and fun Chinese learning platform for children to learn and practice mandarin with teachers and other kids. We are offer the following summer programs

1.   Mandarin Immersion  for Pre school and Elementary School Students, location: 80 Bowery 302 or  165 Hudson 2B NY, NY 10013

We create this program to speed up your children’s Chinese learning by combining the traditional and contemporary methods together. Your children will be immersed into Mandarin speaking and listening and Chinese culture for the whole summer. Their language skills and understanding to Chinese culture will also be enhanced significantly.

Every morning from 10am to 12pm and/or afternoon 2-4pm, we organize group Chinese class to help the children to improve mandarin listening and speaking, reading and writing. Such as Chinese character flash card, role play, Chinese games, Chinese songs, story telling etc. The student can acquire the Chinese language easily and happily in the diversified and fun workshops and environment.

This program is designed for children over 4 years old  and above with or with or without Chinese language language. Our classroom will be differentiated for each student because we believe in that every student has his/her own learning style and strength. Our teacher will tailor the class for each student  so that everyone can learn Chinese at their level while interact with each other. The mandarin listening and speaking workshop and Art/cultural workshop are held in the same group so they can interact and have fun in the same classroom. This program is 100 percent mandarin immersion. The teacher use both Mandarin and English in the beginning and then less and less English till 100% in Mandarin. Chinese art, calligraphy, games, music, dance will be implemented in the teaching.

We provide field trips to different art and cultural facilities in NYC, such as Museum of Chinese American, Scholar Garden at Staten Island, American Indian museum etc too.

2. Chinese for Teenagers (program A: for zero background non Chinese speaking family. Program B: For Chinese speaking family’s American Born Chinese Teenagers), 32 Broadway 1812, NY, NY 10004

Do you want to polish your Chinese skills before college? Do you want to know Chinese culture? Do you want to experience real Chinese life? Do you find it difficult to study Chinese? If your answer is yes, our program is dedicated to people like you to enhance Chinese learning in short time. We conduct TBLT teaching methodologies, which engage students in contextualized communication and design tasks that are related to real life. So the way we conduct here is called “learning by doing” which is efficient and hard to forget in future.

We organize Chinese cultural, art and health workshops for this program too: Calligraphy, Feng Shui, Qi Gong, Tea, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Ink Paining, Yoga, Meditation, Chinese game, Chinese music, Feng Shui etc.

3. Summer Chinese Intensive tutoring   

We provide Chinese/mandarin tutoring ( 1-1 or group  tutoring) at your home or at our facility at Wall Street. We recommend 2-5 times per week in order to produce result. The student are required to learn 10-2o Chinese characters per time and ability to improve vocabularies,  sentences forming and structure/grammar learning.

4. Learn Chinese in China

We will provide this program from 2016 by taking students to practice speaking mandarin, experience different cultural in China, such as sightseeing, cooking, meditation in Chinese.

Please contact us at for more information.

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