The Booming of Asian Culture Reflecting from Chinese New Year Celebration in New York

This is a fun year to see so many Lunar/Chinese new year celebration events almost everywhere in New York city, from Chinatown, Lincoln Center, Time Square, Madison Avenue, Natural History Museum, Americans are more eager to know about Chinese culture and art!

I volunteer for China Theatre works last weekend, made about 50 monkey King puppets (pi Ying), now it is in plastic! It was so much fun to see the monkey king performance,Chinese dance, kids running around and absorb at different culture with open mind!

I can almost predict that the merging of East and West are happening and will interact more and more. Someday, we won’t see much difference of children from different part of world in terms of technology they use and common sense they share! It is going to be a wonderful world with the harmony and wisdom!


IMG_2546 IMG_2545 IMG_2541

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