Chinese New Year Celebration is about East meets West

Chinese New Year – year of monkey is today!  New York city even reserve this day as a school holiday.  There are a lot of celebrations in New York City.  Calligraphy writing, Dragon dance, fireworks, what is Chinese near year about?  It is all about “Remove old and greet new”.

Also when everyone is talking about Chinese are coming abroad to invest, it is all about “East meets West”. I am happy to see this is true in art and culture  too. I went to  North American University Luna new year Gala at Lincoln center on January 31st, 2016;  “The Charm” concert by six young Chinese musicians at Carnige Hall the next day. My impression is the Chinese young generation are really amazing! Western instruments with Chinese ones, American with Chinese, it is all mixed and it is harmonies, the beautiful fireworks on Hudson river, I am convinced that, we are living in the  “Fusion”  time that the East finally meets west now!

The world is becoming more and more globalized. Are you ready to get to know more Chinese culture and do business and make friends with Chinese?

I share a video of Mark Zuckerburg with his family. He gave a mandarin new year Greeting to the world with their new born daughter, who was given a Chinese name – a bright future world!


Fei Fei yang, Jiaju Shen, Li Zong performing Rock & Roll with Er Hu and Pi Pa

Fei Fei yang, Jiaju Shen, Li Zong performing Rock & Roll with Er Hu and Pi Pa

IMG_1483 IMG_1436

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