Learning Chinese As Passion & Dream – for Kids and Adults

Today New York City university Television Broadcast Channel Cable Channel 75 Came to report Wall Street Chinese. They want to know how what we did the last seven years in teaching Chinese to Americans.

We had our kids students, professional students and parents joining us! Max who is 9 year old and Lila who is 6 have learned Chinese for 4 years, given the fact that learning Chinese is only a new fashion since a few years ago, they would be the first round of American speaking perfect mandarin, through their interviews they gain so much confidence and fun through learning.

Our adult students are also eager to have real interaction between each other, they want so much to join a group to practice Chinese, to talk about life and share experience! A Chinese business club is very much in demand!

Chinese is linking us all together, passion is so important in life so we need to keep up with it!

IMG_2700 IMG_2683

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