Beijing Opera – One Of The Best Reflection of Chinese Culture

A play based the most famous Chinese classic novel Hong Lou Meng – 红楼梦, English name is ” The dream of the Red Chamber  “, about You family’s 3rd sister’s love tragedy showed at Flushing cultural center, played by famous Beijing Opera artist Tong Zhi Ling’s daughter Tong Xiaoling on 10/4/2015 was just a typical example of the beautiful tradition of China.

“Hong Lou Meng” was written by Chao Xueqing about a falling rich and powerful family in the Jiang Nan East coast area around the middle of 18th century. Through the main story – love story between Jiang Baoyu and Lin Daiyu as leading roles, it reflected more than 100 characters from grandmother Jiang Mu, to her sons and other relatives, the complicated fighting between the families and the falling of the family with the falling of the dynasties of Qing.

“You San Jie” was a far distance relative who lives with Jia family with her two sister and widowed mother. She fell in love with Jiang Xianglian and wanted to marry him. But he didn’t trust her as she lived with the “dirtyP Jia family, so she chose to committee suicide in front of him!

The custome, making up, singing and Chinese lyrics are so beautiful, Tong’s performance is also reached perfection,  I cried for the stories and performance, that is the first time for me. I love Beijing Opera and I hope to have chance to watch more plays in the future.  民族的就是最好的!



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