Tai Chi, Tao and Business, Helpful For Young Professionals?

The answer is Yes.  Actually learning Chinese ancient philosophy Tao and Tai Chi exercise which emphasis at Tao,  are very popular in the business world now! Wall Street Chinese have such workshops at our regular curriculum now (see our website WallStreetChinese.net)

Tai Chi Chuan, a martial arts form of ancient China, is practiced today primarily to promote health and wellness. The practice of Taichi Chuan increases and uplifts energy, relieves pain and fatigue, improves balance and coordination. It is an excellent form of low impact exercise, suitable for all ages.

Tao is an Chinese ancient philosophy, it means The way, it is about truth in life, original in life, laws in life. The basic concept of Qi (energy), Yin(negative) and Yang (positive), law of nature and power of the soft is the strongest (like water) etc. Tao philosophy advocate harmony in life and it is very useful to be applied in business too.

In Chinese language wise, “Playing Tai Chi” is a Chinese slang,  which means move around not getting to the point.  In business, that means not telling the truth right away. In emotional life, that means “not refuse but not accept”. So when you do business with Chinese, sometimes there might be situation like “Da Tai Chi”, you got to be patient with it and try to find “yes or no” answer eventually.

Good news is, Wall Street Chinese is going to offer Tai Chi class from next week 9/29/15 @6pm at our Wall Street location for stressful young city professionals to study Tao and meditation, to focus on movement and wisdom with master Yung. Through Tai Chi movement, we develop ability to observe the world through our mind not our eyes, we gain inner peace in life. Welcome to this workshop which will make you smarter, softer and stronger. Below is the link. RSVP to Info@WallStreetChineseTai Chi


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