Making China Beijing’s Tian An Men into a game and much more!

With China Chairman Qi Jinping coming to visit the US for the 1st time, Chinese’s economy slowing down effecting the world economy, the love and hate about China is heating up around the world.

Last week I went to MoMa for the Friday free night, by the end  saw this two giant face to face screen with Beijing Tian Men squares image, my blood got shot up immediately, I have to admit the power of digital media/video game, in terms of transforming traditional image into a very strong and pleasant visual stimulation in our mind.

This idea of transforming Chinese traditional art and culture into the digital era, so the younger generation can find it easier to learn from the art, culture wisdom of the tradition.  Such as Feng Shui, calligraphy, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kung Fu, that is why we are offering those classes at Wall Street Chinese for the last six years, hope to continue innovating the culture of the East and West, to bridge the young and older generations, the business world and the understanding and accepting of different culture.  Because this is the future: communication between different culture, language, race, country and generations. Time machine, alien contacting, maybe all true?

Below is video link about Feng Shui being applied in Business by one of the Feng Shui master – Ronald Chin Wall Street Chinese is working with.


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