Chinese “Voice” Brings Cross East And West Language and Culture Experience into Chinese Society

Can you believe this is the 4th season of the Chinese “Voice”?!Since its introduction to China four years ago, it becomes such a successful production from American version of “voice” by adding so much Chinese value and culture into the show!

Every week, the whole nation of China with 1.6 billion people are watching this impressive, delightful, inspirational and touching show. It has Chinese songs, English songs, Mandarin songs, Cantonese songs, it is a platform for any Chinese, no matter you are Chinese citizen or not, no matter how much Chinese blood you have, no matter how  much English or Chinese you speak, this is a place to show  talent, passion, love to your family and loved ones and confidence building towards the singers!

Through this show, Chinese are appreciating talents, hard working, dreams and giving back to their family. Chinese are adding so much more into this singing show than singing itself. Another angle it deserves to be mentioned is: Language, accent, nationalities are longer barrier of communication, players from Australia, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand etc all come to this stage to show their talents.

Wall Street Chinese has used youtube as part of listening training to American middle school students with their Chinese learning,  it had made their learning language so exciting and so much fun, in such a natural and cross cultural atmosphere. Chinese are singing a lot of English songs, very well. Some day, we hope more Americans are going to sing Chinese songs in American Voice!

We also hope that this phenomenon will bring all the people close, in business and culture! Learn Chinese through singing!



chinese voice


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