Founder of Wall Street Chinese Helen Liu Worked as Trainer for NYC Business Solutions for City of New York

As a professional Chinese native teacher to English speakers with Business and language background, to teach New Yorkers how to set up their own business all over the New York city libraries is almost like a dream job comes true!

Helen Liu is a world well known Business Chinese trainer. She founded Wall Street Chinese in 2009. Having trained more than 500 business professionals and working with more than 20 schools in NYC area, she started this assignment from the end of April of 2015 by traveling to Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx. So far she taught over 30 students how to set up their own business. Through her own experience in running a real business by following professional powerpoint provided by NYC business solutions, she show the students in their language how to plan and manage business. She help the students to learn how to plan your business idea, analysis your competitors, pricing and manage cash flows, how to get loans and realize their business dream.

Giving is more important than getting, in business world too,  especially the time when Ms Liu teaches the Chinese communities in Mandarin.IMG_7794

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