Learn Chinese Culture and achieve success in doing business with Chinese

On 5/26/2015, Wall Street Chinese and New York Business Consultants LLC co-host the first and special “China workshop”! Chinese history, politics, culture, economic achievement, Chinese characteristics, value and Chinese consumers and their habits & taste, Chinese social media as a strong marketing tools are covered by Wall Street Chinese founder Helen Liu,  as well as why Chinese are investing abroad in business, education, real estate etc. She emphasis the beauty and wisdom of Chinese culture and the importance of learning it to for business success. East and West, Business and culture, the best result always comes from people who know both sides of the world! Today the world are mostly noticing about the up rising Chinese and their purchasing power, tomorrow I hope they start to appreciate Chinese culture and

Please watch the link below for founder of Wall Street Chinese – Helen (Hanying)Liu’s presentation about How to do business with Chinese!


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