Summer Camp at Wall Street Chinese: Mandarin Immersion

Summer is here, Wall Street Chinese will provide summer programs to schools and in some public libraries all over the New York city area as the previous two years since 2013.   Our professional teachers team will teach kids from 5 years and above Mandarin and Chinese characters, through stories,  games, songs etc. Summer is the best time to learn Chinese intensively with immersion program. Summer belongs to children, kids have right to enjoy the summer through learning Chinese, we want to make sure our students enjoy the process of learning this ancient language and learn something useful in their life. We also provide a special program for teenagers: Mandarin Immersion for teens. We have morning and afternoon program start from July 6th, 2015. Please check our website for details.

Below teacher Max Jing is teaching children at Charles Churn Christian Academy in their summer camp.



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