TriBeCa film festival – “All Eyes and Ears” and “China-US” Relationship and Its Effect to Business

Always love TriBeCa film festival for its vision, quality and taste. I went to see this movie All Eyes and Ears on 4/24/2015.

China is doing great economically.  But what is real China? Are Chinese really free and happy? Through this movie at TriBeCa film festival  – ” All Ears and Eyes”,  we see a different picture with newspaper’s business news on Wall Street Journal.  Yes, China needs a better social system, it needs more freedom, it also needs to keep its good culture and most importantly set up a moral standard. What is happening in China in terms of air and water pollution, food poison, birth control, are not good at all.  China wants a positive image in the world and things are really changing everyday there, through internet and social media like WeChat, Weibo etc. Chinese venture capital is booming in service industry. Chinese business is like a big cake that the whole world want some of it, but the cake sometimes is not easy to eat, like google’s failure in China.

Hope China will be more open, bright and healthy in the future! This is the trend, no one can change it!

Wish everyone has right to go back home to see their mom such as Mr Chen Guangcheng.

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