New York City Real Estate And The Chinese Buyers – How To Do…

Those that are watching the New York City real estate market are running into one re-occuring buyer profile: Chinese! Over the past years, I have been approached by real estate agents and other related professionals with the same question, “can you get me in touch with Chinese real estate buyers”? In general I don’t mind referring people to other people that I trust will do a good job in treating my friends and clients. However, doing business with a different culture requires a different approach.

In order to assist New York City real estate professionals that wish to do business with the Chinese (and possibly get follow-up business from such a deal) we are now offering two different classes and workshops:

  • Special Feng Shui Workshop For Real Estate Agents
  • How To Do Business With Chinese Real Estate Buyers

photo (3)Some might still believe there is no need for such, however, we recently supported Fredrik Eklund of “Million Dollar Listing” on what to watch out for when dealing with Chinese real estate buyers. One of the classes or workshops above, or both, might be interesting for you as a real estate broker as well. Please contact us for more information.


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