Film “Dreaming Against The World” about Artist Mu Xing With Chen DanQing

Yesterday I went to watch a beautiful and special film made by Tim Sternberg with English subtitle with natural Mandarin dub by Joanne Wang, the publisher of Mu Xing’s work.

Few of us in the audience know about Chinese artist Mu Xing before this film screening.  Mu Xing was born in 1927 in Wuzheng, Zhejiang and died there in 2012. He is a true scholar and artist and he practiced drawing and writing in his whole life, he is also a self made art educator with 26 years of simple life in New York City. As an elegant man throughout his life no matter how tough the political and economic situation had been in China. His painting  and writing is the best example of the combination of East and West. Which is what Wall Street Chinese has been trying to bridge since establishment since 2009.

Mu Xing’s student Chen Danqing attended this screening and answer many question about Mu Xing and his life. It is inspirational to know Mu Xing’s life and his achievement in art, especial his determination in the worst time in his life which three times in jail, once two years in a basement. He wrote 500,000 Chinese character articles about his understanding about art his private dialogue with all the art masters in history.

Mu Xing never gave up his art. He is a living art himself. His book “Empty Room” is on line and I will order and read it. IMG_7069

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