Special Feng Shui Workshop for Real Estate Agents offered by Wall Street Chinese

Feng Shui has been an interesting and mysterious Eastern cultural topic. It is actually a combination of science and art, it involves intuition and calculations. Wall Street Chinese has been offered Feng Shui training to the business community since 2013,we are proud that help and inspire a lot of professionals in different industries.

What is Feng Shui? Feng shui is an art of analyzing the impact of environment to human being. Feng Shui has been used on real estate industry the most. Chinese like to buy property with good Feng Shui. American are starting to pay attention to Feng Shui when purchase or rent home or office. Thus Wall Street Chinese is going to host a workshop for real estate agents only.

Buildings/houses/apartments with negative features in feng shui could cause health problems ( such as fatigue, mental strains, illness, etc ), poor judgement, relationship issues or wealth loss. On the other hand, living place with positive feng shui features will improve the quality of life of the occupants. The effect of feng shui is physical and material. It is of great advantage for real estate professionals to have some feng shui knowledge to better serve their clients.

Training scope:

1.  How to pick location and orientation (sitting and facing) of the building.
a) 5 typical negative features from surroundings – avoid those buildings
b) 5 typical negative features from internal setup
c) Introduction of flying star system – calculate auspicious and inauspicious orientation of the building.

2.  15 common concerns about Feng Shui from your clients – how to answer those questions ( or solve those issues)
Example concerns include: construction near the building, main door facing a window(or mirror), kitchen-bathroom facing each other, etc

3.  Know your selling point – Tell your client that your apt/house has advantage in Feng Shui
What is the advantage? -Use 8 -mansion system to calculate

4. Brief introduction about date/time selection – how to pick date/time to show the apt/house to your prospect client

5. Case studies/site visit

You are welcomed to check our website at wallstreetchinese.net and sign up through info@wallstreetchinese.net photo (3)

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