Business Chinese Professional Club – Help Young People to Achieve Goal in Career, life and Spirit

Wall Street Chinese is going to pre-launch a unique organization – Business Chinese professional club (BCPC).

After training business professionals for over 6 years in New York,  Wall Street Chinese is planning to launch a professional organization for professionals who are bilingual in Chinese and English, appreciating multi culture with a dream career, balanced life, a healthy social life with motivation and spirit. Here is our mission statement for BCPC:

Business Chinese communication skill is becoming more and more important for professionals and entrepreneurs. We are forming “Business Chinese Professionals Club” (BCPC) to practice Mandarin, to exchange business ideas and career information. 

Business Chinese Professional Club seeks to bring business professionals who have basic skills in Mandarin together to share and grow their passion for Chinese language, Business, culture and art. Through shared cultural and business interests, members will expand their community and benefit from the many events and presentations arranged by BCPC ranging from presentations about art and culture as well as business practices, trends and career opportunities. These events will be hosted by experienced members as well as invited special guests who are experts in their field. The ongoing objective is to provide members with engaging and enriching experiences that will enhance both their personal and professional lives. 

This pre-launch event will be hosted on December 17, 2015. Please consider to join our event and this group.

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