Teaching Young Kids Chinese/Mandarin Working With Tiger Moms

– Hanying (Helen) Liu, founder of Wall Street Chinese

Chinese/Mandarin is becoming one of the most important languages. This is important for parents that consider a second language for their children.

As founder of  Wall Street Chinese, since its establishment in 2009, I’ve taught hundreds of children myself and designed experimental mandarin programs for children in all age groups. To teach American children the Chinese language takes a unique approach. I think, that over the past five years, I have developed a program and course that will make the process to learn the language easy for children. The fact that the Wall Street Chinese was asked to provide Chinese/mandarin after school and regular language programs to many private schools in the NYC area shows us that we are on the right track with the quality of our courses. If you are a parent and you consider a second language for your child, speak with us and let us lay out the advantages that the Chinese language can provide your children.

Read this post about children why Chinese is becoming an important language and how easy it is for children to learn the language. 

At the Wall Street Chinese, we found that incorporating Chinese culture in form of games, calligraphy, chess and others, have improved the excitement in children to learn the language. It has also improved the results and the excitement to continue the language education beyond the course or class.

Chinese will become an important language in the future. Keep in mind, starting to learn a language very early is a much easier and fun “adventure” than starting to learn it later. Go and help your children to start. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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