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Learning a language is easiest as a child! The fact is known by (almost) everyone. As a matter of fact, many adults use this statement as an excuse to not learn another language. “I am too old” is what I hear quite often when I talk to adults about their lack of foreign language skills. While the excuse is lame, you can learn a foreign language at every age, it underlines the importance for children to learn another language.

As a father of a 9 year old I have seen and experienced how quick children learn foreign languages. When my daughter was three(!), she was able to communicate across three languages. At her daycare she was exposed to the Spanish language and at home to German. It always amazed me when she followed Spanish speaking kids on the street and then answered my German questions about the conversation with her English response.

We are living in a fast paced world. Things change before you turn around. Business is a global thing and we all want to make sure we can provide the best education and look for a chance for our children to have an advantage. Having them learn another language, or two, can be that advantage. And for them to speak Chinese might open a lot of doors later on.

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Chinese business is growing. With many U.S. businesses already involved, the number will only increase. But this is not the only reason why U.S. and Chinese business relations will grow. Today, many Chinese companies and individuals are making their way overseas. Many are coming to the U.S.. As a matter of fact, the biggest chunk of the annual portion of Investor visas issued by the U.S. goes to the Chinese. So, on whether one want to do business in China or not at this point, the volume of business, incoming or outgoing, will just grow. And there is not a thing that will hold the fact back. You can read more here on how small businesses can do business in China.

Going back to children and learning a foreign language: Chinese is a growing language outside of China and there are many reasons for your child to pick up on the language. Feel free to contact us and learn about how we help children, and their parents if they want to, to learn the Chinese (Mandarin) language.

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