Eastern and Western Holidays Are Becoming Global Holidays

Holidays of the East and West are becoming global celebrated now. Thanks for the internet and social media! Traditionally, Christmas has been celebrated in metropolitan cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo , Shanghai and Beijing etc. But guess what, Halloween became one of the most popular holidays for Asians now.

Singles’ Day, also called Guanggun Jie 光棍节 in Chinese, is a festival that was originated from the Nanjing University in 1993. The origin of Singles’ Day was to let the singles to celebrate with other singles, and it was brought from the university students to the society.

However, Singles’ Day is not merely a day just to celebrate single-hood. Companies take this holiday as an opportunity to boost their incomes and attracts consumers. Sellers give out special promotions on this day. In 2009, Alibaba Group turned this day to a massive online shopping sale day in China, the “11.11 shopping festival”. It became the largest shopping holiday in China, like the Thanksgiving Black Friday in the United States, and it sales has already surpassed the Cyber Monday sales in the US.

In the United States, an online shopping guide website, Dealmoon, bringst the “11.11 shopping festival” to America, targeting the Chinese consumers in America market. Dealmoon cooperates with retail businesses and offers special “Double 11” deals in the American market. The deals are as attractive as the deals on Black Friday, and some are even better than Black Friday.

The world is becoming one, indeed, let’s celebrate life! screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-1-24-02-pm

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