Hiring a Mandarin Consultant /Assitance When Doing Business with China Or Chinese

Thinking about hiring a Chinese mandarin speaking secretary, assistance, paralegal, marketing staff? You can do it through Wall Street Chinese! We provide qualified staff to work at your firm or work on line to assist your business development. We work closely with real estate firm, law firm and investment firms etc. If your company is planning to expand in China or look for Chinese clients, you will need to know how to effectively market your product or service in Chinese language. With extensive knowledge in the Chinese business environment and culture, we can provide accurate and insightful marketing research and statistics on the Chinese market and business opportunities on line.  Our network includes professionals that can provide you the best and most thorough understanding of the Chinese market.  In particular, we can help you understand the ever-changing consumer and market.

The key to reaching your Chinese customer target market or increasing your international presence is to show respect towards your potential customer base by reaching out to them in their native language. If your company wants create a Chinese version of your website, we can provide a unique translation service which summarizes your business down to a brief executive-level summary in Chinese. We can provide the research and understanding necessary to effectively communicate your message to potential Chinese customers.

Please contact info@WallStreetChinese.net or call 212 785 3088

Visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/wschinese
Connect with us on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/wallstreetchinese/


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