Wall Street Chinese Business Students On New CCTV Documentary Shot

On Nov 3rd, 2015, seven business students of Wall Street Chinese were selected to be included in a  real time business Chinese class taught by WSC’s senior trainer and founder Hanying (Helen) Liu. This class will be included in the documentary TV about East Silk Road series by CCTV – the No.1 TV station in China soon!

With China’s booming economy, Business Chinese becomes Wall Street Chinese’s signature class. We have been training professionals for over 6 years in the Great New York City area. Together with over 200 Wall Street Chinese’s culture and art workshops to the public since 2009,  our mandarin teaching Chinese for schools and business cultural corporate trainings, Wall Street Chinese has been training over 5,000 students, help them to get their dream job, achieve career advancement, have business deal done, embrace life with more wisdom, it is all worths it! (check http://www.WallStreetChinese.net for details).

IMG_1192 IMG_1193



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