NYC Street Chinese Ads: More Chinese Living in NYC, or Learning Chinese is Important Now

Do you know how many Chinese people living in NYC now? Some says it is about 700,000 to 800,000 people, some says it is around 1 million in the NYC, DC and Philly area!  That is a big number, and a big and important market, as Chinese family income are normally above average.

Recently I came across some Chinese Ad on the street, one is by ConEd, One is Verizon, with no English at all!  Big companies are paying attention to the Chinese American customers and Chinese speaking community, do you need to? How about the big 1.7 billion Chinese Chinese market in China?  With the economic activity in China is influencing the world more and more now, so if you live in this 21 century,  and you would like to stay on top of the business world, learning Chinese and getting to know what is happening in China for real is going to be really important.

Wall Street Chinese is the No. 1 Business Chinese training company in NYC. We are proud that we have trained more than 1000 business student from all major financial institutions, law firms, accounting forms, import and export companies in the past 6 years. We also provide research and consulting service to the business worlds in Chinese business and Chinese business culture and Chinese language trainings.  Please log on our website www. under Business for details. Or email us at




Ad in Chinese in NYC

Ad in Chinese in NYC


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