How To Catch the Opportunity when Chinese Buying The Whole World?!

Yes, literally, that is true! Historically Chinese like to OWN. Owning means stability, security and independence. Having properties and land means foundation for Chinese style family, success and happiness.

From the 90’s of last century, Chinese started to make money in any way they could. The most ironically timing came in 2008, after the financial crisis in the US,  Chinese instantly felt rich enough to buy American properties and it was chance to dig from the depth.  Although it took a few years for Chinese to take massive action, till finally almost every middle class in the big city could afford American houses.

Chinese real estate developer are also buying land, build hotels and residence for Chinese citizens to live or purchase overseas, in Australia, Germany, Spain, UK and the US etc…… Chinese are buying the world like crazy and they have CASH.  Even Million Dollar Listing star Fredrik Eklund consulted Wall Street Chinese Founder Helen Liu about how to work with the newly rich Chinese.  Please see link below which was aired on 5/6/15 on Bravo TV.

How to catch the chance to work with Chinese real estate investors, if you are a real estate agents, lawyers, financial advisors, Business owners,  please come to Wall Street Chinese’s workshop on 5/26/2015 host by Wall Street Chinese and NYC business consultants, to learn some unique approach to China, Chinese consumers, their culture and value,  and also to learn some Feng Shui that Chinese deeply believe and follow in selecting place and people to work with.  RSVP by the link below.

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