Why It Is Getting More Important For American High School Students to learn Chinese/Mandarin?

Wall Street Chinese has been offering Chinese language program to pre schools, elementary schools in the great New York city area since 2012.  We offer regular school and after school mandarin programs to children between 5 to 15 years old.

Even high school students age group is not considered the best age to learn second languages like Chinese, but as expert in teaching Chinese language, it is still better than later. As students in this age group can use logical thinking, especially in Chinese characters learning which is the most difficult part of Chinese study process.

Wall Street Chinese also combine history, culture, science etc into the classroom. We motivate the student to do more research themselves on their interested areas. By introducing Eastern wisdom in Chinese study, it help students to think smart and making better decision in life and stay open minded to other cultures!

Stories of Three Kingdoms, class books like “Art of War”, “Tao De Ching”, “Book of change” are used as content for the class too.  Chinese calligraphy, Qigong, Kung Fu, Chinese chess playing etc are also enhancing the interest of learning, we train students at this age to be patient with strategic thinking too.

SAT Chinese is an additional exam score the high school students can use to advance themselves in college admission.  Chinese economic booming is also helpful for this new trend – the idea of communicating with 1.5 billion Chinese and do business with Chinese!save4


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