Love and Appreciation from Wall Street Chinese!

Christmas and New Year is around the corner!  I want to share what I learned from 2014:  LOVE and APPRECIATION.

I was asked often what Wall Street Chinese do, I often reply : teaching Chinese! But, actually we are teaching and sharing how to communicate among business communities, parents, schools with visions, most importantly to share culture and wisdom. Among what we do, the little students gave me the most amount of inspiration to me! I realized that the best decision Wall Street Chinese has ever made is providing Chinese for Children. Over these 2 years, we taught at more than 10 private schools for over 200 students. We also have regular students studying in our own experimental program. We gain not only teaching an ancient Chinese language in English speaking environment, but also appreciating of different culture, most importantly how to give love – Every time after teaching, my little students give me so much hug and love that inspire me so much in life!

On December 18th, 2014, Musician Fei Fei Yang, Jia Ju who plays PiPa and Er Hu joined students at Charles Churn Christian academy’s annual Christmas party. Chinese ancient instruments joined the traditional Christmas music, students singing Christmas and New Year songs in both English and Chinese, that is the true reflection of no culture and religion boundary!This is the time to enjoy “Love” and everyone including little babies are happy.

“We wish you a Merry Xmas”,  “Happy New Year” in Chinese!


Helen Liu, founder of Wall Street Chinese



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