Wall Street Chinese Founder Helen Liu/ China Business – Other Than Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg Speaks Fluent Mandarin too!

I am very excited to hear Mark Zuckerburg’s speaking Chinese for the first time today! I am surprised that he appears to be so confident, sincere but also so humble when speaking Mandarin. I am not paying attention at how good is his Chinese, but he is extremely logic and he really understand the importance of Chinese language and culture  in his family life and in communication, probably in his future business idea too- I am sure because of this, more Chinese are going to pay attention to what a social media empire he has been creating which have been changing our society greatly.

As a professional Chinese trainer for over 15 years, I have to say that using Chinese to express yourself in public with confidence is the ultimate goal of learning this language. Communication is so powerful that language ability can really help you to communicate with your audience, in this case, Mark Zuckerburg did his best Public Relation for Facebook this way!

If you want to speak Chinese to impress, contact us!

Please watch this video below when Mark was in Tsinghua university.


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