The Ways Of Mobile Advertising In China | Infographic

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China is a huge consumer market everyone would like to tap in. The Chinese are not only shopping offline in brick-and-mortar-stores, but online business is growing out of the roof for years. A big chunk of online shopping is coming from mobile devices. With the popularity of mobile shopping, the advertising industry is looking for the best ways to reach the huge pool of shoppers on their smartphones, knowing very well that reaching these consumers will increase sales. 

The infographic below from Go-Globe shows some interesting habits of the Chinese when they shop mobile. The graphic also shows how the advertising industry in China is trying to deliver messages. Looking at it, there are some differences in online shopping between Chinese and western buyers. Have a look.


The Wall Street Chinese has helped businesses since 2009 to get ready to do business in China. If you are looking for ways to enter the Chinese market, feel free to contact us. We serve the corporate world as well as small businesses.

Doing Business In China | Mobile Advertising

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