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Wall Street Chinese, Doing Business In China

Wall Street Chinese, Doing Business In China

Doing business in China for foreign companies has come a long way over the past years. And, it still has a long way to go. As a matter of fact, the most has still to come, and it will! Consider this, China, give or take, is about as big as the United States. If all the business in the U.S. would happen on the east coast, would you consider this a saturated market?

This is how the business situation presents itself in China. Business as we know it, is happening only in certain areas. The potential for growth is still huge! Corporate business, not only in the United States, is aware of that fact and they prepare themselves for being around and to grow their share.

From experience, speaking with small business leaders and reading the same articles you read, we know that many small and medium size businesses hesitate to go to China for two major reasons:

  • Insecurity in dealing with the government apparatus.
  • Being afraid of the lose property and individual property laws in China. A common opinion is, “the Chinese steal everything”.

While both are valid and understandable reasons for the hesitation, neither one protects you from losing out on business. Dealing with the government in China can present a few challenges, and so it can in other countries. Many of the challenges are based on cultural differences and those can be overcome, as many examples of businesses doing business in China clearly demonstrate.

As far as the property protection and “the Chinese stealing everything” goes, you don’t have to do business in China to get your individual property rights violated. This is not to say that individual property violations don’t happen in China. However, if the Chinese, or anyone else, want to steal your individual property, product or any business idea you might have and go to China with it, you don’t have to be in China and doing business there. This can easily happen while you don’t go to China, trying to protect your business.

The Wall Street Chinese has made it a part of its business services to inform, support and go all the way with small businesses to establish themselves in China. Education in Chinese language, business culture, dealing with government issues, finding the right partnerships and dealing with many other subjects are part of our service to help you to get on your way. Contact us for a free consultation and see if doing business in China makes sense for your business. 


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