1. What kind of Chinese class does Wall Street Chinese offer?

We provide Chinese group class and private training. In group class, we have Chinese language training in different levels as well as business Chinese group class. We also provide online Chinese class , including free program like “ One-Minute-Mandarin” radio/video weekly classes.

2. What is different about WSC’s group Chinese class?
*We provide small size group (3-5 students) class.
* We believe in happy learning process.
* We encourage authentic language learning and practice for real life communication.

3. What is special about WSC’s business Chinese class?
* We prepare you for formal communication skills.
*We provide real Chinese business project coaching to enhance your confidence at professional level.
* We equip you with knowledge of Chinese business culture to achieve success in doing business with China.

4. How many students are there in one group class?
*Usually our group class are small, about 3-5 students. However, we do provide group class to corporations up to 20 students.

5. What’s the difference between Chinese group class and business Chinese class?
Business Chinese class is designed for business people in New York City. We will offer both language training and real Chinese business project training, plus culture introduction to help you achieve success in doing business with Chinese. While Chinese group class is for everyone, who want to acquire Chinese for everyday use. However we require some basic Chinese language to prepare for this class. If you are ABC(American born Chinese) who understand Chinese and can speak some, you can join this class.

6. I am busy during workdays, can I have class on weekend?
Yes, we provide flexible class schedule for 1-1 class. For group class, yuu can either choose evening class from 7:30pm – 9:30pm, or weekend classes which are held at 1-3pm.

7. I have learned Chinese before, how can I know which class will be suitable for me?
We have class for students at different proficiency levels. Out professional trainer will assess your proficiency level and put you in the right class level.

8. Should I choose group class or individual training?
Group class will give you chance to interact with classmates during class. While in individual training, the teacher could focus on your personal needs. And the class time could be more flexible.

9. How to apply for Chinese class and How much is the tuition?
Please look at our website under Chinese class for more information.


Download registration form here

Please send the filled form to info@wallstreetchinese.net

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