Private Training


Private 1-1 Chinese training

A customized course for busy students who want the trainer to focus on their own objectives.  This course can be customized based on a student’s individual Chinese language learning needs and can focus on any combination of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

In today’s business world, professionals are busier than ever! Learning an ancient language like Chinese becomes even more challenging, flexibility is also very important for busy adult students who played multiple roles in work and life.

Wall Street Chinese started its business from private Chinese language training in early 2009. In the last 5 years,  we helped hundreds of business students before they moved to Asia, took projects relating to China, or planned their big career move, or to accomplish a personal or professional goal. We shared, inspired and helped each other!

Our specialty is business Chinese, specially in finance field, we trained students working in all big financial institutions in New York City. We are glad to build this amazing alumni network all over the world. Today we have students living in China, Singapore, South East Asia, Japan, Taiwan, we are so proud of their achievement!


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