American Culture Training


(Helen Liu gave training to SVA ESL students on 6/19/2014)

English communication and cross culture training

More and more Chinese students and new professional and business  immigrants coming  to the US to study or start a new life.  English language is the first barrier, culture difference is the second – probably a bigger barrier than English language. As Asian American, to know where we are from, where we are and where are we going are very important in planning our new school life and career in the brand new country.  We want to help and inspire more and more Chinese living in the US to achieve happiness in life!

Wall Street Chinese design a special ESL program to help Chinese students, professionals and professional immigrants. We work with universities to provide American cultural orientation program, English communication and life coaching training to Chinese students and new professional immigrants. 

We design special English course which is tailored to the needs of newly arriving Chinese students and immigrants. We also provide Business English communication and Business English written training in our program. The curriculum will be designed to provide students with the necessary English language skills to succeed in their academic and professional lives, focusing on specific terminology, grammar, cultural differences, and business-related challenges pertaining to their field of interest.  The objective is to offer students a customized program of instruction in a comfortable and familiar environment to make the process of assimilating a new language and culture as easy for them as possible.

Training projects:

1. School of Visual Arts(SVA), Department of Video and Photography

English communication training, cross culture and career coaching workshop,   February to April, 2014

2.  School of Visual Arts(SVA), International student office

American culture orientation,  June 19th, 2014

3. US-Sino New Power HR and cultural services (in process)

Summer ESL camp for Chinese 9-13 years old student, August/2014


English & culture training for  Chinese students 

This training is designed for Chinese students who are going to or already studying first year in American college.

English & culture training  for Chinese new immigrants

This training is designed for Chinese new immigrants to necessary  English communication skill, but also understanding of another culture , customs with a clear future career goal.

English written training for Chinese professionals

To survive and excel in your career requires high English communication skill, both in speaking and written. In this training, we will train you how to make presentation, to under culture difference, to communicate effectively as well as writing good quality working emails, reports and evaluation report.

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