Spring Program


photo 3Spring is the beginning of the year, Chinese new year is actually the first day of spring. We are excited for the new beginning.

We will continue provide Chinese after school program to schools. You can check  “Chinese on demand” for details.

If you are interested in WSC’s experimental programs for spring/2014, we plan to open two brand new workshops.


We will choose one Chinese and one western stories to read each week as a pair.  The children students listen to stories first, then use Mandarin to retell the stories to their peers. Throughout the process, the students practice mandarin speaking as well as learning the difference of East and Western culture. One Chinese poem or song will be taught each time. This class is design for children from four years and above. This is a full Mandarin immersion class. This workshop will start from 1st week of February and end around middle of June on Thursdays 4-530pm.


This is a workshop for children 5 years and above. The children learn Chinese characters in a fun and creative way using different themes. Chinese chess, Ma-jiang playing etc will be introduced into the Chinese character class to enhance their learning process. 20 Chinese characters will be taught each workshop. 15 workshops with 300 characters. We will run this workshop once on Wednesdays 4-530pm, once on Saturdays 230-300pm.

Tuition: $550/semester/workshop/student

photo 1

3. Chinese home tutoring/private after school Chinese program 

If your child or his/her siblings or friends want to learn Chinese, no matter what age, what level and at what location, we can provide quality Chinese native bilingual education teachers to you. Please give us a call at 212 785 3088 or email to info@WallStreetChinese.net. 

Chinese After school (beginner 1) 

View Curriculum

Fun Mandarin Spring 

View Curriculum

Chinese story, poetry , and songs 

View Curriculum 

Happy Chinese 5-6 years old  Spring

View Curriculum

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