FAQ for “Chinese for Children” program:

What makes Wall Street Chinese’s “Chinese for children” program different?

  •  Innovative and creative Chinese teaching methods;
  • Experimental program every semester;
  • Advocate of “Happy learning” process
  •  Building a solid foundation at  Chinese speaking, listening, reading and writing;
  • Implementing Chinese culture and art into the study to encourage the learning of “Eastern value”.
  • Storytelling, Chinese songs, games, cultural and cultural, art and health workshops are implemented in curriculum;
  • Building “confidence” in mandarin speaking;
  • Provide an intensive language learning environment and mandarin “drop-in” program;
  • Native Chinese teacher with bilingual education background
  • Directly hiring teachers from mainland China in the summer to bring us Chinese pedagogy.

What your special about your summer camp program?
Summer is an excellent period for children to learn a language intensively. A half day one month
program is equivalent to one semester weekly program. Your children will be immersed into
Chinese language and culture for one month. Their language skills and understanding to Chinese
culture will be enhanced significantly. Children will acquire the language easily and happily in
such environment.

What Chinese program you offer? 

We provide Chinese clas/workshops s all year around, your can check our website under “Chinese or children” section for the current semester’s information. For example, if you are checking for Fall/2013 semester Chinese class info,  go to Fall Semester for updates. Other than our own experimental program at our own facilities,  We also provide Chinese drop-in program on Saturday and Sunday mornings,  we create a mandarin speaking environment right here in the center of New York City.

How to apply/register?

Download the registration form, click here. Fill it our and scan it back to info@WallStreetChinese.net.

My child is only 2 year old, do you have program for him/her?

We run mandarin programs to cover children 2 years and above, please check this link for different programs we designed for different age. We also provide tutoring program at your home or at our facilities for any age.

My child has never learned Chinese before, will he be able to catch up with other children?
Our classroom will be differentiated for each student. We believe in that every child has his/
her own learning style and strength. Our teacher will tailor the class for each student so that
everyone can learn and have fun at the same classroom.

How much is the tuition and how to pay? 

Please check our website under Chinese for Children/tuition for details.

We accept check, credit card and ACH payment. Below is our ACH link.

ACH payment link: https://ipn.intuit.com/payLink/guestPay/WallStreetChinese?pay=pay



To register, simply fill out the form here and send email to info@wallstreetchinese.net



We accept check, credit card and ACH payment. Below is our ACH link.

ACH payment link: https://ipn.intuit.com/payLink/guestPay/WallStreetChinese?pay=pay

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