Fall Program

photo 360Fall is a fun semester – the season changes from summer to autumn then to winter with major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year by the end.  Chinese moon festival also fell into this semester. This is a great time to study Chinese as second language.

Fall semester has 14-16 weeks in our curriculum depending on school calender and program design.  After running various 15-weeks mandarin program at our  facilities during the fall of Fall/2012,  we gained a lot of first hand experience on teaching American Children Chinese language from age 2 to 15 yrs old. After repeating our program at spring/2013, we are very confident to teach more children with our strong billingual education major teachers team and experience.

We have several programs available for the fall.


From Fall/2013, Wall Street Chinese is invited by a few schools to teach regular Chinese  language and After school program a facilities.  By introducing our Chinese language program to other schools and sending  experienced bilingual teachers to teach at other schools,  we are proud to  help more families and their children to learn Chinese language and culture.  Your children are welcomed to join those school’s after school language programs. Please check here for school information under”Chinese on demand” section.


If you prefer your children to learn Chinese language at Wall Street Chinese’s  locations at FiDi or TriBeCa locations,  you are welcomed to use our tutoring program either at your home or at our classroom. You are especially welcomed to form small study group(2-5 students) at your home, we can provide Chinese language program as the same tuition and quality as of at our own locations.


We will also continue to provide mandarin drop in and monthly Chinese workshop program on Sundays 10am-12pm from 9/22/2013. You can drop your children to learn mandarin as well as participating in our monthly Chinese culture workshops.


Another great news is that we will continue our experimental mandarin teaching programs in this fall.   From 3rd week of September , 2013,  we plan to offer a fun and creative mandarin workshop – Mandarin Rainbow. This is a 14 week creative supplemental Chinese learning program, students can choose either weekday or weekend, 2 hours program. If you child is less than 5 years old, one hour program is available too.


Mandarin Rainbow workshops aims to build up a complete foreign language environment to improve students’ listening, reading, speaking and writing ability. We will show one movie each week with specific topics. Students will be able to learn Chinese using games, handcrafts, dramas, presentations and so on.

It is a brand new way to break the traditional classroom teaching. We try to let the students approach cultural perspectives through learning Chinese language.

Themes and the language topics are:



1 Hour weekly rainbow program: $400 /semester (recommend for children 3- 4 yrs)

2 hours weekly rainbow program: $650/semester (5 yrs old & above)

Registration fee for new students only: $30 per family, $20 for handouts and materials per semester for rainbow program

Time: Thursday 4-6pm start from 9/19/2013 & Saturday 2-4pm from 9/21/2013


To download registration form, please click here.

Payment: We accept check(pay to Wall Street Chinese), credit card and ACH payment.

ACH payment link: https://ipn.intuit.com/payLink/guestPay/WallStreetChinese?pay=pay

5. Chnese workshops

photo 2We always offer alternative ways towards Chinese culture and language learning. We will run  a monthly Chinese art, cultural and health workshop at our Wall Street facilities in Fall/2013.

The following 5 Chinese workshops are going to be held during  the fall/2013 (2nd Saturday of every month except September)
Chinese calligraphy and Ink painting (September 28, 2013)
Chinese music and music instruments (October 12, 2013)
Chinese games: chess and GO (November 9,  2013)
Yoga, Qigong, Tai-Qi, martial art workshop(December 14, 2013)
Chinese Tea and dumpling making (January 11, 2013)
For details about our Chinese workshops,  please click here.
 A sample curriculum of our fall semester mandarin Chinese after school program below:

After school Chinese Curriculum (5-­6 Years old)


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