Wall Street Chinese run Chinese/Mandarin program throughout the year. We have 3 semesters, spring, summer, and fall to provide Chinese/Mandarin class for Children at different ages.

The spring semester is from January  to June

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The summer semester is from July to August

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The fall semester is from September to December

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Special Fall/2013 Mandarin workshop program – Rainbow Mandarin workshop 

(for children 5-12 years old only)

Rainbow Mandarin workshops aims to build up a complete foreign language environment to improve students’ listening, reading, speaking and writing ability. We will show one movie each week with specific topics. Students will be able to learn Chinese using games, handcrafts, dramas, presentations and so on.

It is a brand new way to break the traditional classroom teaching. We try to let the students approach cultural perspectives through learning Chinese language.
Themes and the language topic:
Week 1-2: Red:Nezha Shaking the Sea (Nature)
Week 3-4: Orange: the nine-color deer (Colors)
Week 5-6Yellow: the monkey king (Actions)
Week 7-8: Green: little tadpole finding their mother (Animals)
Week 9-10: Black: the black cat police chief (Living Environment)
Week 11-12:Blue: Mulan’s story (People)
Week 13-14: Purple: the lotus lantern (Adjectives)


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