Business consulting


Business-in-China-FB-pic1If you need Business interpreting, marketing research, investment consulting, business cultural consulting with cross cultural real time informations,  references and business case studies to help business owner and companies to achieve business goals.

Professional team of consultants with western educations and international work experience.  Provide a wide array of business consulting services for companies in industries such as finance, law, international trading, food, manufacturing, real estate, tourism etc.

Professional business interpreters, translators, business consultant and business coordinator, Import and Export business and tour management, Interpretation for business meetings, trade fairs, factory visits, tour guiding, shopping etc;Translation for business and technical documents;

Doing business in China, learning Chinese culture and way of thinking, solving business disputes; Product sourcing, supplier selection and management, quality control; China trip arrangement and assistance,i.e. from airport pickup, car rental, hotel booking to personal guide. Wall Street Chinese also works with investors looking for opportunities for real estate investment, education and financial arrangement services in the US and China.

Business Translation/Interpretation 

Business translation and interpretation service between Chinese and English language are often needed in today’s multi-lingual and cross-cultural business environment. We provide professional business meeting interpretation and business written translation. All these services are provided by professionals with a full understanding of the eastern and western business cultures. This intimate understanding of both cultures provides you with an accurate communication of your message, rather than just translation of the words.   Our experience and creativity can help you enhance the real meaning behind the words. We have provided professional Chinese translation service at important business meetings, conferences, international expos, fairs and exhibitions. We work extensively with legal, finance, real estate etc industries.

Chinese Business Secretary 

Hire a Chinese a Chinese mandarin speaking secretary, assistance, paralegal, marketing staff through us,  we can provide qualified staff to work at your firm or work on line to assist your business development. We work closely with real estate firm, law firm and investment firm.

Market Research/Strategic Sourcing

If your company is planning to expand in China or look for Chinese clients, you will need to know how to effectively market your product or service in Chinese language. With extensive knowledge in the Chinese business environment and culture, we can provide accurate and insightful marketing research and statistics on the Chinese market and business opportunities on line.  Our network includes professionals that can provide you the best and most thorough understanding of the Chinese market.  In particular, we can help you understand the ever-changing consumer and market.

Recruitment /Executive search

Chinese speaking professionals are in high demand in today’s job market. With the increase in business opportunities between China and the West, there is an increased need to recruit cross culture and bilingual professionals. WSC can provide head hunting and interview coaching services as well as finding talent for Chinese/mandarin speaking professionals and organizations. We have trained numerous Chinese speaking professionals in New York City since our inception. We also have an extensive network of mandarin speaking professionals.  We can provide a full service recruitment service to companies across industries and job functions.

Chinese website 

The key to reaching your Chinese customer target market or increasing your international presence is to show respect towards your potential customer base by reaching out to them in their native language. If your company wants create a Chinese version of your website, we can provide a unique translation service which summarizes your business down to a brief executive-level summary in Chinese. We can provide the research and understanding necessary to effectively communicate your message to potential Chinese customers.


Branding is an art of creativity. We worked with any company who needs our input on Chinese language, culture and business when prepared to enter to Chinese market. Giving a western company’s brand a Chinese name takes knowledge of  cultural understanding. If your company is planning to explore the markets in China, the first thing to do is to have a Chinese name. WSC provides professional branding service to help to blend your brand into Chinese market. It will start with getting a perfect Chinese name and aim for success like Mercedes-Benz- Ben Chi, Coca Cola – Ke Kou Ke Le, BMW-Bao Ma, Nike – Nai Ke etc in China.

Business Event Planning 

We provide special marketing and Public Relation events for corporations by using cultural and art themes. We are specialized in Chinese new year theme parties,  Eastern culture and health events, art exhibition/workshop/and seminars etc. We provide full package service that makes your special marketing project special and effective.

Real Estate investment and Financial services for Chinese new immigrants

More and more Chinese families with children are immigrating to the US for better education and new life.  We have a professional team to train them in English language and culture, as well education, investment and financial services.

Companies worked with Wall Street Chinese consulting: 

  • High5
  • Want branding
  • Northwestern Food association

Wall Street Chinese’s founder Helen Liu’s video teaching about How to do business with China.




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