Chinese Language Trainers

Helen (Hanying) Liu Rose (Shiying) Wang Alex (Lin) Shang
Founder, Principal of WSC
Senior Trainer /Senior Business Consultant
Master of Science from University of Illinois at Chicago
Senior trainer
Master degree in linguistic from Huazhong Normal University
Chinese Language Trainer
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences of Columbia University
Qianqian Zhu Melene Niu Zhou Qing
Chinese Language Trainer Chinese Language trainer in San Francisco office  Assistant Trainer
Yalin  Wenting Li  Xiangning Liu
Assistant trainer  Chinese Language Trainer  Chinese Language Trainer

 Chinese Language Trainer

ESL Trainers:

 Wendy Wang
Yun Wang Bryan Cohen
  • M.A. in English language and literature
  • M.S. Ed degree in Foreign Language Education and TESOL at Hofstra University in New York
  • 3 years college teaching
  • 7 years in Wall Street English
  • Specialized in English writing
  • ESL certified teacher
  • Experienced in Media and communication

Art Trainers:

Ming Mei Yip, Artist Zheng Lianjie, Artist  Guan Zhiyuan, Artist
Calligraphy/Chinese Ink instructor Calligraphy/Chinese Ink instructor Calligraphy/Chinese Ink instructor

Du ChangsongMusician
Chinese instrument instructor

Cultural & HealthTrainers

Dr Li LICulture Fengxiao LiangHealth  Bowen Chen, Health
Fengshui master Kongfu Master  Kongfu Master

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