Online Classes

daodejingWith rapid growth of today’s working and lifestyle,  it is getting more and more difficult for students to come to learn Chinese in a physical classroom. However, internet provide the possibility to have a visual way of learning, that is why we are going to start proving online live classes from Fall/2015!

Wall street Chinese offer online Chinese language, Business Chinese language and Business workshops for busy professionals and teenager students. You can practice mandarin speaking, listening and reading with our trainers through internet. We will announce our schedule for public after some trial period in September 2015.  You can choose regular group online  or 1-1 online training . Please go to Tuition to check rate.

Free mandarin online class 

The founder of Wall Street Chinese Helen Liu recorded an internet radio mandarin class – ONE MINUTE MANDARIN in 2012 for 52 weeks with a weekly theme. : please download and listen to it and speak mandarin everyday.

One minute Mandarin 

1. Mandarin practice workshop 

Conversational Mandarin Workshops to everyone who wants to practice mandarin after self study or out of practice for a while.  Our class schedule will be announced on our website with assigned “themes” of the workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to practice mandarin speaking,  listening and reading skills. A professional trainer will be teaching and coordinating the workshop at our Wall Street office located at 32 Broadway Suite 1812. You can sign up from any device such as computer, PC or smart phone to join the program. Detail instructions will be informed after sign up.

2. Creative Business workshops


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