Wall Street Chinese (WSC) is a creative and innovative educational and consulting company founded in 2009 in lower Manhattan.  Our goal is to bridge the East and the West and to encourage communication and interaction between the two societies in the fields of business, art, culture, health and lifestyle. We have received considerable media coverage showcasing our quality business communication and cultural offerings to individual professionals,  companies in various industries and schools in the Tri State area.  Please visit our media center

Wall Street Chinese specializes in Chinese and English business communication trainingChinese art & cultural training, health & lifestyle training. In addition, we offer corporate business culture training and Chinese business translation, research and consulting services to help you improve the efficiency of your communication, develop effective execute successful business transactions and enhance relationships between the East and the West. We offer our services to people of all ages, professionals, private schools, small business and large corporations.

Please listen to the founder’s greetings below.